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Get to know 7 advantages of Education CRM

18. Dec 2021

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An advantage is an element that places you in a better position to get your goals. In relation to this definition We have listed a few advantages that a Education CRM Software can provide your educational institution:

1. Comprehensive prospect management

  • Record student inquiries from various sources
  • Simply import data from potential students
  • Create a thorough method of gathering information and course inquiries
  • Assign prospects
  • Prioritize admissions and speed up admissions

2. Complete sales target management

  • Set sales goals for the institution/company and sales personnel
  • Understand the actual time development of sales, the in the process and attain goals

3. Follow-up tracking of sales and management

  • Respond to enquiries from potential customers promptly
  • Schedule follow-ups with students by email, phone calls, and text messages
  • Automate reminders to follow-ups and never let out on any important information.
  • Streamline meetings/consultations
  • Follow-ups on monitors and their status updates
  • Increase the efficiency of sales

4. Student data management

  • Know the facts about the classes/services such as students, prospects, and so on.
  • Maintain of the admissions of students
  • Discover opportunities to market other courses and services related to the admissions history of students
  • Stop knowledge gaps after employees leave your company

5. Optimizing the sales process

  • Draw observations about sales processes that are ambiguous
  • Eliminate the shortcomings and maximize utilization of resources
  • Take more time to keep track of activities making use of a single program

6. Complete reports

  • Reports on prospects and sales etc. for thorough review of your educational institution
  • Understand fully the acquisition of students and businesses processes
  • Find the key factors in gaining admissions

7. Sales forecast

  • Use the valuations of prospects to determine forecasts for sales
  • Seed more productive business strategies
  • Be ahead of the curve in your business plan


If you'd like to learn more about the benefits your Education institute could gain by implementing the use of an Education CRM.

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