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Institution Promotion

Creating Credibility, Goodwill & Awareness about you Institution and making your Educational Brand visible through Digital Platform.

Course Promotion

Creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.

Admission Campaign

UniversityKart is a India's leading education portals catering to students, parents, and education industry players who are seeking information on admission, exams, cut-offs, or applying to Colleges.

Lead Management Sytem With Mobile App

Education CRM with mobile App software to help you to prospects student journey to a student, automate the tasks you hate, and close more admissions faster.

Staff Sale Activity Management System

Easy to manage staff activity on sale funnel. Funnel Management, Field Tracker, Missed call lead capture, Follow-up Manager, never miss any follow-ups & close communications.

Funnel Workflow & Analyticle

Integrating all of your lead channels in our LMS. Have a single view of all your prospects & funnel they are in. And suggest next action for quick conversions. Conversion score, Activity intelligence. Ads Integration, 3rd party API integration.


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End-to-end Marketing Automation

Make meaningful prospect conversation a standard across all channels. Reduce lead leakage to zero with landing pages, connectors, APIs and more. Get prescriptive insights across lead sources, engagement campaigns, user journeys.

Sales Performance Suite

Achieve your admission target. Define goals, measure progress and unique results with our LMS. LMS is a suite of products that helps sales leaders influence sales teams' performance, motivate sales team, and reward top performers.

India's 1st Dedicated EdTech LMS

Dedicated EdTech LMS. Built for tech-first learning businesses. Capture student inquiries and app installs from all your channels - digital, social, education marketplaces, events, APIs, and more. Simultaneously distribute the leads to the right counselors or call center executives for timely intervention.

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Now it’s time to get clarity, to work with clarity. Don't wast your time on guesswork, Scale Your Enrolments with Education LMS.

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Frequently Asked Question

It Is Cost-Effective, Easy Performance Assessment, High Conversion Rate, Easy Integration. Lead generation is a process that builds visibility, credibility, trust, and interest from a specific group of people (potential leads). So by focusing on lead generation, it can help drive traffic from high-quality prospects. The main benefit that buying leads brings is cost-effectiveness. Building a lead list on your own is going to cost much time and money. You will need a website, content, social media presence, and means to compile the leads. All these elements will lead to additional expenses.

Sales leads help prevent you from wandering aimlessly trying to find your next customers. Leads serve as a guide to new revenue opportunities to grow your business. When you nurture your sales leads, you create an important source to getting more people into your sales funnel.

Every interaction based on CRM creates an opportunity for your customer to have a more personal, compelling experience. It's also an opportunity for you to build brand equity, improve satisfaction, and make more sales. And that's how you create customer loyalty and increase revenue.

LMS helps sales people to optimize their daily schedules and prioritize tasks to make sure customers are not ignored and the key prospects are contacted on time. In fact, LMS allows sales people to spend more time with customers, which leads to more deals closed and a stronger customer base. Some Other benefits are Trustworthy reporting, Dashboards that visually showcase data, mproved messaging with automation, Proactive service, Efficiency enhanced by automation.

The purpose of a brand position in marketing is to establish trust within your consumers and create loyalty. A good brand purpose gives your buyers a way to remember you, creates an identity for your business, and sets you apart from competitors.

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Also Available in Mobile App Format, So You Can Connect To Your Business All Time

LMS Mobile App to enable work from home counselors, Some Feature with Mobole App are Follow-up Manager with Click-to-call, never miss any follow-ups with Missed call lead capture & track staff activity with Field Tracker, close communications faster via One Click Call stystem, WhatsApp Conectivity, One Click Massage System, Team reports.